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(so.. what do we order for lunch?)

David Micotto

Hidenobu Ogata

Hiroko Ikeda

Hiroko Kan

Hiroko Yamaura

Johan Ahlner

Juliana Chisa Mills

Luciana Cani

Mari Tsunekawa

Oscar Nielsen

Ricardo Roces

Rish Gopal

Shunsuke Yamada

Stephanie Zemlak

Stuart Payne

Yuka Naito

Yumiko Agarihama

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Account Executive

As an Account Executive, you work closely with Creative, Strategic Planning, Media, Project Management and Production departments in developing and implementing fully integrated advertising campaigns.

Digital People

We are always looking for outgoing, digitally connected people to join us as Account, Strategic, Creative, Social, Production members of our team... if you are interested and would like to talk, please say hello.